At Machebeuf High School, we take elements of classical education and fuse them with a traditional college-prep curriculum for a more robust and intentional Catholic educational experience.
“At Bishop Machebeuf High School, we have worked to create a strong Catholic liberal arts program that provides our students with a well-rounded, holistic formation that helps them develop the intellectual habits or dispositions that they need to be ready for college, career, and beyond. And, more importantly, the curriculum provided will enable our students to know how to challenge and confront the influences of secularism and moral relativism around them that they may be freed to come to know, love and serve God as faithful disciples of Jesus,” says Archdiocese of Denver School Superintendent Elias J. Moo.

Our curriculum employs a rigorous progression of both standard and honors level courses in both math and science. We offer AP courses in Calculus, Statistics, Biology, Chemistry, and Physics. In Theology, students will progress from Introduction to Scripture (9th grade) to The Church and the Sacraments (10th grade) to Morality (11th grade) and finally to Church History and Catholic Social teaching (12th grade). In the fine arts, we offer courses in art and theater. Our elective courses range from Spanish and Art History (both progressing to the AP level) to Ignatian Spirituality, Theology of the Body, and Creative Writing. We combine all these areas of study with our Integrated Humanities curriculum.


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