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Student Success & Discernment Center

In the Student Success and Discernment Center, Machebeuf students receive the support they need to succeed by receiving assistance in the following areas:
  • Academic Advising
  • Class Schedules
  • College Applications
  • Credit Recovery
  • Discernment of College & Career Opportunities
  • Learning Accommodations
  • Personal Support
  • Tutoring

Student Success & Discernment Center Staff

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Learning Accommodations and Tutoring

BMHS strives to accommodate students with professionally diagnosed learning disabilities that qualify a student for accommodations under the law. Recommended accommodations are based upon a documented diagnosis by a qualified clinical professional and developed in collaboration with parents/guardians, students, teachers, and school staff.

All students receive tutoring free of charge. Students who have questions about their classes should speak with teachers first, but may also ask the Student Success and Discernment Center staff about tutoring after school in high-demand subjects.

Academic Advising & Counseling

Working with Machebeuf’s academic advisors, students receive personal support and assistance with class schedules, elective course choices, preparation for tests such as the CLT and ACT, college selections, and the college application process.

Students are always welcome in the Student Success and Discernment Center when they need a quiet place to relax and a “listening ear.” When students and families need more intensive support, they may make an appointment with a Machebeuf school counselor in the SSDC. Staff members may also refer students and families to St. Raphael Counseling Services.

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