5 Things to Consider When Choosing the Best High School for Your Child

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How Do You Choose the Best High School?

The change from middle school to high school can be quite an adjustment. For this reason, children must end up in the school that is best for them. But what does that mean exactly? When deciding what high school to send your kids to, there are many things to consider. Should you choose a public school or a private school? How do you know where your child will thrive?

Today, we will look at a few helpful things to remember when selecting a high school for your child and why Bishop Machebeuf High School could be the school for them.


Does It Offer a Sense of Community?

When looking at education, looking at the bigger picture is crucial. A school with solid academics is essential, but there’s more to it. Your child will get more out of the school experience when they have friends and a supportive community of teachers and coaches. Students spend four years of their lives in high school. For this reason, you want them at a place where they can feel not just happy—but at home. High school is about learning, but it’s also about creating friendships and developing their identities as young adults. The school experience will be better for your child when they have people and mentors they can connect with and look forward to seeing. Bishop Machebeuf High School proudly offers our students and families a strong sense of community.



Your child’s safety is always a priority. This is no different when they are at school. Look at safety protocols when searching for a school; this will tell you a lot about what could happen in an emergency. Even if an emergency is unlikely, the school’s preparedness and concern for potential instances represent the school’s overall quality. We have a comprehensive approach to safety at Machebeuf, recognizing it as its priority. So, you can rest easy knowing that your child is in good hands.


Private vs. Public

You should also consider if you wish to send your child to a public or private school. Beyond that, consider whether you want your child to have a faith-based education. Catholic schools teach students the standard subjects and provide religious education, emphasizing faith throughout the curriculum. If religion and faith are important to you and your child, you might consider a Catholic school such as Bishop Machebeuf. Even if you are not Catholic, you may find that the education at a Catholic school is a better fit academically and community-wise for your student. 



The world is vast, and school should be a good depiction of that. When looking at schools, ask yourself, “Will this give a true representation of the world?” Whether choosing a public or private school, look into what type of people make up the student body. We have so much to learn from different kinds of people! 



How will the size of the school affect your student? Do they thrive in more extensive settings or smaller and more focused settings? School size is critical when choosing a school, as everyone has different learning styles. A smaller school can offer more dedicated attention from teachers and, at times, make it easier to form close connections. It’s important to talk to your child, visit schools, and see what environment will work best for their needs.


If you are curious about Catholic schools in Denver, Bishop Machebeuf High School could be the one for you! We have been around for 64 years and continue to welcome students, parents, teachers, and alumni into the Machebeuf family.


Kindness and respect are fundamental at any stage of life, and Machebeuf ensures they are prominent in its culture. The student body here at Machebeuf is also smaller, making it much easier to form close bonds and connections with peers and educators. Beyond that, Bishop Machebeuf is a diverse Catholic school with a rich history. 

These are just some reasons Bishop Machebeuf provides a wonderful high school experience. As you look at your options for a high school for your child, keep us in mind. View our application process.