A Closer Look at Bishop Machebeuf High School

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Bishop Machebeuf has four pillars: Faith Life, Academics, Student Life, and Discernment

Bishop Machebeuf High School is a Catholic high school in Denver where many students thrive in academics and faith. Originally called Machebeuf High School, it was renamed Bishop Machebeuf High School in 1996 to identify with its namesake, Bishop Joseph Machebeuf, more clearly.

Machebeuf enrolled its first freshman class in 1958 and, to this day, continues to emphasize its four pillars of Faith Life, Academics, Student Life, and Discernment. Let’s take a look at what these four pillars mean to us.

Faith Life 

Faith life is at the heart of Bishop Machebeuf High School. As part of the Archdiocese of Denver, we get our identity from “Proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ, celebrating his Sacraments, and exercising his works of mercy, so that all might participate in his salvation and discover the lasting joy of a relationship with him.” We achieve this through sacraments and prayer life, retreats, vocations, and service.


We base our academics on an Integrated Humanities Curriculum. This combines literature, history, and philosophy. Classes will have seminars based on their course materials. These seminars are interactive discussions that enrich their communication, critical thinking, and creative skills. The curriculum is designed so students of all learning types can participate and grow these skills. Reading, writing, speaking, and logic are all emphasized here. We know that our seminar discussions and the combination of these subjects will help their students as they continue their education and enter the workforce. Our academic structure helps give our students the tools they need throughout their lives.

Student Life

Of course, student life is another pillar that’s at the heart of Machebeuf. We work to create an environment in which our students will grow their faith and their socialization. One way we achieve this is through extracurricular activities and clubs, including the Spanish club, the yearbook club, and male and female discernment groups. Through activities like these, students are encouraged to discern their talents, build relationships, and develop character.


The pillar of discernment is based on having good judgment. It’s to know the difference between right and wrong. At Bishop Machebeuf High School, students are encouraged and given ample knowledge to help them grow their discernment skills. When it comes to Catholicism, this skill emphasizes spiritual guidance. Students will learn to look to God and their faith to guide them in their decision-making and become the best versions of themselves.

Bishop Machebeuf High School provides its students with four main pillars to help them grow up and enter the adult world. Faith Life, Academics, Student Life, and Discernment all shape students into well-rounded adults. Our statistics show that we have done a great job of realizing the goals we set out to accomplish. Bishop Machebeuf has a 99% graduation rate, and 95% of its students attend four-year colleges.

The structure of education, paired with faith-based practices and teachings, propel Bishop Machebeuf’s students to excellence.