Your First Year at Machebeuf: What You Should Know

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We are excited for you to join the Machebeuf family!

As you or your student begin the first year of high school, it can be difficult and scary to know what to expect. At Bishop Machebeuf High School, we know transitional periods aren’t always easy. That is why we are here to help! Read on to learn more about what the first year will look like at Bishop Machebeuf:



Let’s dive into academics, one of the essential pieces of life at Bishop Machebeuf. Start by familiarizing yourself with the freshman curriculum. For all grade levels, we follow an Integrated Humanities curriculum. This approach combines history, literature, and philosophy all into one. From there, we conduct discussion-based seminars on the works we read. We believe that interactive seminar discussions improve students’ communication skills and introduce them to new ideas, which also help them to grow their critical thinking and creative skills. We know the importance of these abilities, which is why we find this type of learning instrumental in preparing our students for life after Machebeuf.


The humanities focus will be on the Ancient Greco-Roman world during the freshman year. In these humanities seminars, students will learn about the literature, mythology, philosophy, and history of Ancient Greece and Rome. Students will have the opportunity to read classic works from Homer, Vergil, Sophocles, Plato, and Cicero.


In addition to the humanities seminar, freshmen will study other critical subjects, including grammar, writing, and reading comprehension. During their grammar course, students will improve their reading comprehension and develop an understanding of the principles of the English language. They will also develop their writing skills here, learning to write essays effectively. 


The third tenant of first-year studies is an introduction to Latin. Latin is the founding language upon which the Catholic Church was built and will give students a greater appreciation and connection to their faith. Beyond that, Latin is the root of many English words and will help them develop their comprehension and skills in reading and writing.


Beyond our Integrated Humanities curriculum, we believe in giving our students a comprehensive education. This means we teach our students all standard academic courses, as well as faith-based classes.


Mass Days and Faith Life

We believe in actively practicing our Catholic faith at Bishop Machebeuf. One way we do this is by holding Mass days. We host Mass on Thursdays or Holy Days of Obligation. Mass takes place from 9:10–10:15 a.m. each week, and we attend together as a school. In addition to weekly Masses, we offer optional Mass each day for those interested.


We realize there are even more ways we can provide students with services to practice their Catholic faith. Because of this, we offer Confessions daily during lunch, allowing students to grow closer to God as they seek forgiveness. We know that as humans, we all commit sins, which is why we believe Reconciliation is a beautiful way to practice our faith. 


Prayer is present throughout the school day. We pray collectively before lunch and classes each morning. Students are asked to reflect on a given topic at the end of each day. We base these reflection times on the Liturgical calendar and Saints of the day. At Bishop Machebeuf, faith is intertwined with everything we do, as we know that our beliefs go beyond simply teaching courses.


Student Life and Athletics

In addition to academics and faith, first-year students will have the opportunity to get involved in student life and athletics! These extracurriculars work to enrich our students’ experience at Machebeuf. Our Clubs and Activities include men’s and women’s discernment groups, Bible Study, National Honor Society, Student Government, Spanish Club, Coding Club, and so many more! We also have a theater program that includes the Fall Play and Spring Musical. If athletics is where your heart lies, we have tons of options. Students have the opportunity to participate in cheer, cross country, boy’s and girl’s golf, soccer, and basketball, as well as volleyball and baseball. There are so many ways to get involved when you attend Bishop Machebeuf!


We know the transition to high school can be a scary one. At Bishop Machebeuf High School, we are here to ease any fears you may have. We are excited for you to join us for your first year, and we look forward to seeing you grow and thrive at Bishop Machebeuf—and beyond!